Spunkflakes: Video Trailer

Posted on 12 June 1993 • ProjectsSpunkflakes

Spunkflakes Video Trailer

The Spunkflakes
Short Film
June 1993


A short film with highlights from a live performance at the Royal Oak in Hammersmith which acted as a promotional flyer for the Spunkflakes Cabaret Troupe.


Also produced a promotional booklet which provided a visual overview of the Spunkflakes’ ideology.


Shot on Hi-8 video and transferred to Beta for linear editing at Island Arts. Soundtrack produced on Akai MT3X studio recorder using Roland S-750 audio sampler, Art SGX 2000 effects unit, Korg M1 keyboard and Roland Dr 660 drum machine.


Starring Shaun McDermott, Paul Neesham & Dan Salmon. Original soundtrack by the Spunkflakes. Artwork by Paul Neesham. Edited by Dan Salmon. With thanks to Tamzin Goodlife, Lorna Robinson, Will Kittow and Simon Hayward.