Save the Rhinos

Posted on 1 September 1994 • MultiMedia CorporationProjects

Save the Rhinos

The MultiMedia Corporation and Save the Rhinos International
Interactive Installation
August to September 1994


An interactive Kiosk and CD-Rom created to highlight the 1994 Rhino Climb from Mombasa to Mount Kilimanjaro which raised awareness of animal conservation with the native people of the region.


The kiosk was designed to be used at events in Europe and America to raise funds for future rhino conservation projects.


The project was created using Macromind Director and includes text, images and video detailing the Rhino Climb event, current and future conservation efforts, details of the human communities with which the various Rhino species co-exist, plus information on team members.


For Save the Rhinos International. Funding from Apple Computer. Content by Douglas Adams. Producer – Philippa Watson. Assistant Producer – Dan Salmon. Graphic Design – Chris Pryor. Rhino Team – Johnny Roberts, David Stirling, William Todd-Jones, William Stanhope, James Hersov, Tom Kenyon-Slaney.