The Interactive Urinal

Posted on 8 October 1994 • ProjectsRoyal College of ArtSpunkflakes

The Interactive Urinal

O-Rama MultiMedia & The Spunkflakes
Interactive Installation
October 1994


Your Flow Makes It Go — an interactive installation located in gentlemen’s loos, in which the urinals are wired to computer controlled sensors which trigger entertaining audio loops when coming into contact with liquid.


Exhibited at the Royal College of Art, Interactive MultiMedia Degree Show and the ICA as part of the Open Submissions Platform.


Bespoke sensors are integrated with an Apple Mac computer via serial port connections. These trigger a Macromedia Director script which plays a series of audio samples via a hidden speaker system.


Technology produced by O-Rama Multimedia — Simon Grosser, Natalie Hunter, Henry Johnson & Dan Salmon. Audio by the Spunkflakes — Shaun McDermott, Paul Neesham & Dan Salmon.