Blast Theory: Stampede

Posted on 1 May 1995 • FishcakesProjects


Fishcakes Media for Blast Theory with O-Rama Media
Interactive Installation
November 1994 to May 1995


Helped develop and produce an interactive performance environment for a piece exploring issues of crowds and rioting performed at venues around the UK for performance group Blast Theory.


A system of computer controlled pressure pads and motion detectors allows the audience and performers to trigger audio elements of the performance and integrates a real-time video link to surveillance of different areas of the space.


The sensors are integrated with an Apple Mac computer via bespoke serial port connections which trigger audio, video and text elements via a Macromedia Director script which includes live video throughput.


Technology developed by Natalie Hunter, Simon Grosser & Dan Salmon. Commissioned by Blast Theory – Matt Adams, Ju Row Farr and Nick Tandavanitj.