Spunkflakes: Forever 11

Posted on 11 September 1995 • Spunkflakes

Forever 11
The Spunkflakes for Apple Computer
Music Project
September 1995


Created an original audio track around the theme Forever Eleven for a celebration of Dave Stewart’s birthday which was used as part of a live generated electronic birthday card.


Created using Audio Tools Pro 2 on Apple Macintosh using studio equipment: Roland S-750 sampler, Allen & Heath GS1 Mixer, Art SGX 2000 & DigiTech Studio Quad digital effects units, OMS Studio 4 midi interface, Korg M1 Keyboard, Roland Dr 660 drum machine, electric guitar and studio bass.


Commissioned by Max Whitby for The MultiMedia Corporation and Apple Computer. Created by Spunkflakes – Shaun McDermott, Paul Neesham & Dan Salmon.



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