Wide World of Animals

Posted on 1 January 1996 • MultiMedia Corporation

Wide World of Animals
The MultiMedia Corporation and Creative Wonders
CD-Rom Atlas
December 1994 to January 1996


Worked as part of a team developing a comprehensive CD-Rom atlas of the animal kingdom featuring over 700 species and illuminating the relationship between the animals and our planet.


The programme contains 3D interactive globes with overlayed animal ranges, animal data cards, 360° panoramic environments, video stories, timelapse exhibits, an interactive taxomony tree, animal statistics, and an animal trivia game.


Developed in C for the Apple Macintosh and Windows platforms utilising QuickTime and Video for Windows.


National Wildlife Federation Approved. Winner 1996 Wildscreen Multimedia Gold Award. Commissioned by Creative Wonders / Electronic Arts for ABC / Disney World Reference. For MMC: Exec Producer – Keven Marks; Producer – Philippa Watson; Ast Producer – Dan Salmon; Designers – Nikki Barton, Paul Jason, Paula Longergan, Peter Howell, Joe Eptsein; Coding – Maf Vosburgh, Roland Dunn, Simon Jensen-Fellows, Darren Redgrave, Chris Pointon, Martin Eskes, Mikhail Semenov, Richard Huddy, Kumar Giritharan, Ian Patterson. Production – Shaun McDermott, Michele Rodrigues, Matt Jones, Jon Berry, Venetia Rowland, Deborah Marshall, Charlie Wagstaff, Marcus Fielding, Andrew J Adamyk. Research – Dr John Feltwell, Dr Adrian Lister, Francis Hurst, Jonathan Rudge, Dr Guy Colinshaw, Paola Reason; Music – Steven Foax. For PVL: Philip Eales, Kevin Tildsley, Andrew Wyne, Matthew Wallis, Stuart Lenton, Anthony Mills. For CW: Producer – Jonathan Denholtz; Assoc Producer – Michael Margolis; Ast Producers – Shannon Des Roches Rosa, Yohko A Fukuda.