3D Atlas ’97 & ’98

Posted on 2 July 1997 • MultiMedia CorporationProjects

3D Atlas ’97 & ’98
The MultiMedia Corporation for Creative Wonders
CD-Rom Atlas
February 1996 to July 1997


Worked an Assistant Producer and then Producer for a team creating new content and software features for updated versions of the award winning 3D Atlas CD-Rom which allows users to interactively explore the geography, geology, climate, environmental issues and people of our world.


The programme contains 3D interactive globes with overlayed national boundaries and political mappings, country data cards, full screen narrated video documentaries, 3D flights, timelapse stories, detailed country statistics, and the Wonderlink feature allowing regular updates of additional facts about people and places.


Developed in C for the Apple Macintosh and Windows platforms utilising QuickTime and Video for Windows.


Commissioned by Creative Wonders / Electronic Arts for ABC / Disney World Reference. For MMC: Producer – Dan Salmon; Assistant Producers – Matt Jones, Shaun McDermott, James Morrill. Coding – Graham Bartram, Toby Doig, Kevin Marks, Maf Vosburgh, Gordon Woodmansey, Michael Walsh, Roland Dunn, Martin Eskes, Kumar Giritharan, Richard Huddy, Chris Pointon, Mikhail Semenov, Lingan Vairavamoorthy; Contracts – Ciarán Doyle. For PVL: Producers – Philip Eales, Kevin Tildsley; Production – Andrew Wyne, Matthew Wallis, Tim Day, David Rees, James Pearson. For CW: Executive Producer – Jonathan Denholtz; Producer – Shanon Rosa; Ast Producer – Yohko A Fukuda.