FilmFour: Sundance 1999

Posted on 31 January 1999 • ProjectsYour Show

Sundance 1999
Your Show Productions for FilmFour
Website Module
January 1999


A website module created to support the FilmFour Channel’s coverage of the 1999 Sundance Film Festival and FilmFour Production’s cinematic release of Tim Roth’s The War Zone.


The site delivered daily reports from our on-location reporters and promoted FilmFour Ltd films being screened such as Sexy Beast, Jump Tomorrow and The Low Down. Our on-the-scene reporters were amongst the first to break the Blair Witch phenomena to audiences in the UK.


Commissioned for FilmFour by Sophie Walpole. Produced by Dan Salmon and Philippa Watson. Reporters – Derrin Schlesinger, David Cox and Julia Wrigley.