23:59 Urban Culture Jam

Posted on 18 May 2001 • ProjectsYour Show

23:59 Urban Culture Jam
Your Show & B3 Projects for the PAL Broadband Labs
TV & Online Format
May 2001


A project which explored ways to build and sustain self-generating broadband internet sites where people record and submit live video content, bridging the gaps between online community activity, real world events, and music television.


Developed during a week-long residential laboratory for broadband and television projects which aimed to be a crucible for the cross-fertilisation of ideas between different media and performance disciplines.


Developed by Marc Boothe of B3 Projects with Philippa Watson and Dan Salmon of Your Show Productions. Developed as part of the Performing Arts Labs Broadband Lab from 13-18 May 2001, Bore Place, Kent. Sponsored by NESTA and RGB Post.