Channel 4: Gay-O-Meter

Posted on 1 July 2001 • ProjectsYour Show

Your Show for Channel 4
Flash Quiz
June 2001


After the run-away success of the original Metrosexuality Gay-O-Meter, Channel 4 ordered an updated version of this fun psychometric test that determines gay or straightness. Visit the live site and take the test, or view the archive site.


The site generated over 20 million page impressions in its first year of deployment and continues to draw in users.


The content is delivered via an HTML embedded Flash module using external SWF images and XML files to enable fast updates and easy re-purposing.


Commissioned by Jess Search for Channel 4 Television. Executive Producer – Dan Salmon. Producer – Miriam Fine. Graphic Design and Flash Coding – Rob Bevan. Production – Philippa Watson, Arora Parry, Lewis Albrow.