Happily Ever After

Posted on 1 June 2002 • Lost Cat TalesProjects

Happily Ever After
Lost Cat Tales
Short Film
June 2002


A short film in the form of a fairytale courtship between a bewitched Elf and an enchanted Fay, which takes us to a land far, far away, yet oh so familiar.


References to the dark side of childhood favourites weave through this short scherzo of a film building up to a crescendo of clichés: a frog, a magic mirror, a full moon and a secret garden, with fairies at the bottom of course. Death, birth, night, day, ethereal love, medieval motifs, seasons and life cycles all appear like the perfume of a summer flower to seduce life and then fade away. Guiding us through until the end, flitting along like a butterfly, is the fantastic music of Prokofiev.


Shot on DV video in Islington during March and April, 2002. Editing and music on Apple Macintosh with FinalCut Pro and ProTools.


Directed by David Harrison; Starring Lorna Robinson as Faye & Paul Neesham as Elf; Produced and Edited by Dan Salmon; Music – Sergey Prokofiev’s The Scythian Suite performed by The London Philharmonic Orchestra and The Prodigal Son performed by The Scottish National Orchestra. Verse – The Lamp Flower by M Cecilia Furse. Length 9 minutes.