Posted on 1 November 2003 • Lost Cat TalesProjects

Lost Cat Tales
Short Film
November 2003


A short film which follows a day in the life of an overworked clerk as he drifts in and out of his present and past, lost in the memory of the woman he onced loved. She had the face of a doll, but nothing lasts forever.


Two big industrial doors firmly shut out the world. A boy runs past, lost in his own pursuits. The clock strikes eight. An overworked clerk, busy at his desk, is lost for a moment in time. What time? Is this the future or is it the past? Who’s past? The clock ticking ever forward, or is it backward? Ticking and tricking. The memory of a tinkling piano. A key to another time, another place, unlocking dark secrets hidden amongst endless files crammed in the mind.


Shot on DV video in Islington during June 2003. Editing and audio on Apple Macintosh with FinalCut Pro and ProTools.


Written and Directed by David Harrison, Dan Salmon & Paul Neesham; Starring Billy Clerkin as the Boy, Paul Neesham as the Clerk, Dan Salmon as the Keyholder & David Harrison as the Lady, with Miss George as voice of the Lady; Produced and Edited by Dan Salmon. Wardrobe and Dressing by Lorna Robinson. Music – Prokofiev’s Visions Fugitives, Op.22, Performed by Sergey Prokofiev, 1932 & 1935; Additional audio by Lost Cat Tales; Thanks to Paul Hamlyn, Ziggy and Paul Clerkin.