Contacts’ Birthdays and Events in Google Calendar

Posted on 10 August 2009 • BlogTechnology

Below is a quick guide to setting up your Google Apps or Gmail Calendar to display the birthdays and events you’ve added to your Contacts. This tutorial will take you through adding dates to your Contacts and then displaying them in your Calendar.

Adding Dates to Contacts

First off, you need to ensure that you’ve added birthday info to your Contacts.

1. Login to your Gmail or Google Apps email account and click the Contacts button.

2. Select a contact to edit and use the drop-down date selector to set the birthdate.

3. Next, click on the Add button and select Date from the pop-up.

4. Use the drop-down date selector to set the date and category.

That’s it, you’ve now got a few dates stored for a contact.

Displaying Dates in Your Calendar

Now you’re ready to display the dates to your calendar.

1. Open your Gmail or Google Apps calendar.

2. Click on the Settings link in the top-right of the calendar.

3. In the Settings window open the Calendars tab.

4. Click on the Browse public calendars link in the bottom-right of the Calendars tab.

5. Click the Add Calendar button next the Contacts’ birthdays and events.

6. Return to your calendar where Contacts’ birthdays and events is now listed under Other calendars.

7. All of your birthdays and events will now be displayed at the top of each day’s calendar.

Now if only Google would sort out Contact Sharing, life would indeed be sweet…

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