iPhone Apps

Posted on 10 November 2009 • BlogTechnology

The place for my ever growing host of iPhone Apps, all available from the UK iTunes store. Because of course it somehow makes sense that all those tasty American Apps should be denied me…

Current Free

These are the ones I’m currently using

Current Paid

So good  I was willing to part with cash for them!

  • Instaviz — £5.99 Diagram sketching for your iPhone.
  • iPhew — £0.59 Augmented reality App that lets you shoot people.
  • National Rail Enquiries — £4.99 Complete journey planning and up-to-the-minute travel information.
  • ReelDirector — £4.99 edit the video you shoot.
  • TimeLog — £2.99 Timer for all your tasks.  I use this with the desktop TimeLog to manage my client projects.

Previous Free & Paid

These are ones I tried, but eventually gave up on.

  • Mirror Mirror (free) — love the fact that this one claims to be a bit crap! They weren’t wrong there. It’s rubbish galore!!
  • Personal Assistant — manage all your finances from one little app. All American so not much use to me…


These are Apps that just plain scared me!

Books & Podcasts

A few free books and Podcasts for the iPhone.

Learning with Apple

Further Reading

Links to a few good resources…