WordPress Social Media and Follow Me Plugins

Posted on 3 December 2010 • BlogOpen SourceWordPress

I’m looking to find the best WordPress Plugins to do the following:

  • Share — share my posts and pages to Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Digg, etc.
  • Share Counts — add advanced Share Counts to the icons to indicate what’s hot.
  • Follow — add follow icons for my Facebook, Twitter, Blip.tv and other accounts, preferably as badge.

Here are the best ones for Sharing and/or Tweeting:

  • Share and Follow (137,489) — super advanced, but can’t add additional services and rather dull, sometimes ugly icons. Does have Share, Follow and share Counts for Facebook, Twitter and StumbleUpon. Also has widget.
  • Sharedaddy (32,768) — simple share icons from Automatic WordPress.com.
  • ShareThis (496,222) — requires account, but does just work and gives you stats.
  • Sociable (1,093,627) — this one has the best icons and is very easy to manage, but it’s Share only, you can’t add additional services. There’s also no Follow feature and doesn’t offer share Counts.

And here’s a few good ones for Follow links:

  • Follow Me Plugin (48,088) — good for links, but not customisable.
  • Social Slider (78,459) — nice little Follow icons popping out from right of page.
  • WP FollowMe (425,990) — very nice right side floating FollowMe badge, but Twitter only…

Also rans:

  • AddToAny (1,320,549) — single horizontal bar that you can’t modify. Just not my cup of tea…
  • Drag-To-Share eXtended (6,624) — quite interesting, but too difficult for the average user.
  • Facebook Like Button (13,488) — just facebook.
  • SexyBookmarks (507,485) — very, very nice looking with excellent icons, but no customisation. Good for some sites though, but seems to really slow down page load.
  • Simple Social – Sharing Widgets & Icons (76,804) — nice icons, with Share and Share Count, but not enough social icons, and posts only, not pages.
  • Sociable for WordPress 3.0 (71,42) — pretty much same as Sociable, but Pro/Paid for advanced features.
  • Socialize (17,99) — ok, but not many social icons available.
  • Social Bookmarks (86,580) — adds link to page, when clicked opens icons, me no likey.
  • Social Discussions (10,230) — need an account and API key so not into this one, though does have Share Counts for all services.
  • Social Media Widget (106,741) — widget only version, nice but not really my cup of tea.
  • Subscribe Widget (16,992) — looks good to subscribe to feed, comments, twitter, facebook, but not working.
  • Tweet This (139,799) — very impressive with great options for customising tweet links, but I’m losing the will to live now.
  • Universal Post Manager (10,453) — interesting but a bit overkill for my liking.