Mac OS X Lion Disable Reopen Windows When Logging Back In

Posted on 5 March 2012 • BlogTechnology

There’s a new ‘feature‘ in Mac OS X Lion which automatically reopens your windows when you log back into your computer. Now, I’d be fine with this ‘feature’ if there was a way to switch it off. Not just un-tick to disable it for this logout, but for the tick to be remembered until I tick it back again. Alas, Apple, in their infinite wisdom, haven’t given us a way to switch it off. Joy.

So here’s a simple way to switch of this irritating new ‘feature’: Just lock the (“xxxx” is your Mac’s UUID) file in the /Users/user/Library/Preferences/ByHost (“user” is your user name) folder does not allow the Apps To Relaunch At Login.

  1. Quit ALL applications. Very important to NOTHING is open except the Finder!
  2. Hold down the ALT key and select Go > Library from the top menu to open the Library folder.
  3. Open the ~/Library/Preferences/ByHost/ folder.
  4. Locate the file – “xxxx” is your Mac’s very own UUID.
  5. Highlight the file then hit the Space Bar to view the contents of the file.
  6. Verify that the only item listed is the Finder application – If any other apps are listed then Quit them and try again.
  7. Highlight the file and select File > Get Info from the top menu.
  8. Tick the Locked box under General.
  9. Close the Get Info window and all the folders

That’s it!. By locking the preference file you keep OS X Lion from windows won’t re-open at login.

Whew! Now that’s much better.