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The dawn of time when CD-Roms ruled the interactive ether.

3D Atlas ’97 & ’98

Posted on 2 July 1997

3D Atlas ’97 & ’98 The MultiMedia Corporation for Creative Wonders CD-Rom Atlas February 1996 to July 1997 Summary Worked an Assistant Producer and then Producer for a team creating new content and software features for updated versions of the award winning 3D Atlas CD-Rom which allows users to interactively explore the geography, geology, climate, environmental issues and people of our world. Details The programme contains 3D ...

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Wide World of Animals

Posted on 1 January 1996

Wide World of Animals The MultiMedia Corporation and Creative Wonders CD-Rom Atlas December 1994 to January 1996 Summary Worked as part of a team developing a comprehensive CD-Rom atlas of the animal kingdom featuring over 700 species and illuminating the relationship between the animals and our planet. Details The programme contains 3D interactive globes with overlayed animal ranges, animal data cards, 360° panoramic environments, ...

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Save the Rhinos

Posted on 1 September 1994

Save the Rhinos The MultiMedia Corporation and Save the Rhinos International Interactive Installation August to September 1994 Summary An interactive Kiosk and CD-Rom created to highlight the 1994 Rhino Climb from Mombasa to Mount Kilimanjaro which raised awareness of animal conservation with the native people of the region. Details The kiosk was designed to be used at events in Europe and America to raise funds for future rhino conservat...

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Hugh Johnson’s Wine Atlas

Posted on 1 March 1994
Wine Atlas

Hugh Johnson's Wine Atlas The MultiMedia Corporation for Apple Computer PDA Encyclopedia December 1993 to March 1994 Summary Worked as part of a production team to develop an interactive version of Hugh Johnson's Wine Guide for the Apple Newton pda. Credits Produced by Richard Turnidge with Hugh Johnson for the MultiMedia Corporation and Apple Computer. Images

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