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Create Keyboard Shortcut to insert Today’s Date

I work on new little projects almost everyday for my clients. I like to organise the projects in a folder by date so I can easily find them later, so I created a Mac OS X Keyboard Shortcut to insert Today's Date. 1. Launch the Mac OS X Automator application. 2. Create a new Service document. 3. Add a Run Applescript action to the document. 4. Paste in the ...

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3D Atlas ’97 & ’98

3D Atlas ’97 & ’98 The MultiMedia Corporation for Creative Wonders CD-Rom Atlas February 1996 to July 1997 Summary Worked an Assistant Producer and then Producer for a team creating new content and software features for updated versions of the award winning 3D Atlas CD-Rom which allows users to interactively explore the geography, geology, climate, ...

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Wide World of Animals

Wide World of Animals The MultiMedia Corporation and Creative Wonders CD-Rom Atlas December 1994 to January 1996 Summary Worked as part of a team developing a comprehensive CD-Rom atlas of the animal kingdom featuring over 700 species and illuminating the relationship between the animals and our planet. Details The programme contains 3D interactive globes ...

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Spunkflakes: Forever 11

Forever 11 The Spunkflakes for Apple Computer Music Project September 1995 Summary Created an original audio track around the theme Forever Eleven for a celebration of Dave Stewart's birthday which was used as part of a live generated electronic birthday card. Technology Created using Audio Tools Pro 2 on Apple Macintosh using studio equipment: Roland S-750 ...

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Blast Theory: Stampede

Stampede Fishcakes Media for Blast Theory with O-Rama Media Interactive Installation November 1994 to May 1995 Summary Helped develop and produce an interactive performance environment for a piece exploring issues of crowds and rioting performed at venues around the UK for performance group Blast Theory. Details A system of computer controlled pressure pads and ...

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